Synopsis and roles available for “Thanks for Having me”

December Production,  5-7 December 2019
“Thanks for Having Me”   by Ros Moruzzi
A social climber’s dinner party looks like being a disaster when she unwittingly invites guests with connections from the past!


Roles available:

Maureen Prachitt

40/50 nervous social climber –  main role and on stage for most of the play.

Dennis Prachitt

40/50 salesman,  hen pecked, after the simple life – main role.

Medium-sized roles:

Dr.Clive Chalmers  50ish in a mid-life crisis has a younger girlfriend

Chrissie 25-35 Clive’s much younger, man-eating girlfriend

Audrey Chalmers  50ish trying to retain her looks and dignity after splitting from her husband

Brigadier 60s  upright military bearing but slightly down at heel.


Ethel Jakes 60/70 Maureen’s hypochondriac mother

A small part but one which has lots of the laughs.

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