85th Anniversary celebrations!

Members and guests of the Dramatic Society celebrated 85 wonderful years of drama with a meal at The Ship Inn,  Handbridge.   After a delicious meal and a super table quiz, the evening was topped off with speeches from our Chair and our President (pictured).  It is amazing to think that we have now performed over 125 productions in the village hall and we look forward to many more in the years ahead.

Happy Anniversary UDS !


Synopsis and roles available for “Thanks for Having me”

December Production,  5-7 December 2019
“Thanks for Having Me”   by Ros Moruzzi
A social climber’s dinner party looks like being a disaster when she unwittingly invites guests with connections from the past!


Roles available:

Maureen Prachitt

40/50 nervous social climber –  main role and on stage for most of the play.

Dennis Prachitt

40/50 salesman,  hen pecked, after the simple life – main role.

Medium-sized roles:

Dr.Clive Chalmers  50ish in a mid-life crisis has a younger girlfriend

Chrissie 25-35 Clive’s much younger, man-eating girlfriend

Audrey Chalmers  50ish trying to retain her looks and dignity after splitting from her husband

Brigadier 60s  upright military bearing but slightly down at heel.


Ethel Jakes 60/70 Maureen’s hypochondriac mother

A small part but one which has lots of the laughs.

Murder In Play set-building update

Our set for Murder in Play is almost finished!

We had a fantastic weekend, putting together the set for our latest production and you will spot members of the cast and crew “doing their bit” in the pictures below.  There was a great team spirit and a real sense of everyone pulling together, including everyone sitting down to beans on toast for lunch (kindly provided by Ian and Glenys, with Katie as chef).

We still have furniture to add and some decorations, but the main work is done. Now the cast can enjoy opening actual doors and get used to the feel of Priorswell Manor.

Huge thanks to all the members and friends of the Society who came along to help.



Murder In Play – Nov 28 – Dec 1st 2018

“Rehearsals for Boris Smolensky’s latest production are not running as smoothly as he would like.  Tensions are running high between members of the cast and crew, while some props appear to have a mind of their own.  Could matters get any worse?
With laughs along the way, this mystery thriller will keep guessing until the very end…”