Get Involved!

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a member.

We have lots of opportunities to get involved and all our members undertake multiple roles to make each production happen.  There’s more information below on some of things you can do and how to find out more or join.

Actor – obviously! Many of our acting members are in one of the two annual productions and then take on a backstage or front of house role for the other production.

Director – we have a few members who regularly take on this role but also sometimes have Assistant Directors or offer the chance for anyone interested to “shadow” the Director.

Stage Manager(SM) – this role manages the backstage crew and ensures the actors and props are in the right place at the right time. They coordinate scene changes and communicate with Front of House to ensure the play starts promptly and runs smoothly.

Backstage – we usually have a small team of backstage crew (depending on the complexities of the production). They work with the SM to change details of the props and set at the end of each scene. They sometimes have sound effects (gunshots etc.) and “active” props to manage (smoke from a burnt dinner etc.).  It’s good fun and is an integral part of supporting the actors.

Lighting and Sound – we usually have a team of two people who manage all the lighting and sound effects for our productions. They plan and source effects and work hard in rehearsals to develop the technical script to deliver on the production nights.

Front of house – there’s always a Front of House manager who is then supported by a team of people. They will manage the Box Office, sell raffle tickets, set up the auditorium, serve teas and coffees and even manage the car park!

Prompt – hopefully you won’t have a big part if you take on the role of Prompt!  Their most important role is at rehearsals, helping the actors get from “books down” to productions nights with little reminders as they refine the learning of lines.

Plus... everyone mucks in for set-building which takes place in the 2 or 3 weekends leading up to the production. This includes: building the walls/doors/windows, painting and decorating, dressing the set, gathering and preparing furniture and props. Members of the Society sometimes also make costumes for a production or help with specific make-up effects too.  And finally…all members help to promote our productions by distributing posters, leaflet drops, promoting to friends and family etc.

So if you would like to find out more, give Paul a ring on 01244 341925 or come along to club nights at 7.30pm on Thursdays (September to March) at the Village hall, 28 Heath Road Chester CH2 1HX.